Of the Wild and Moon

Welcome to Of the Wild and Moon…


I’m Melissa. 

Transformational life coach. 

I use astrology and strategy to help conscious women tap into their intuition and take aligned action to live purposeful and prosperous lives.

Astrology is the soul’s blueprint. Your natal chart is like a screenshot of the sky at the exact time you were born. The celestial placements during that time are important to note because they offer an unique effect on your life, from attachments to behavior patterns, thoughts, actions, karma, and soul purpose. Gaining insight into your natal chart offers a deeper understanding of your own complexities, desires, and expressions there to guide you along the path that will be the most expansive and fulfilling for YOU.

Carl Jung, renowned psychotherapist, first suggested that conflict can never be resolved in the same manner that it arose. Hence, our own conflicts, be it internal or external, require a higher perspective and a higher level of consciousness to find solutions. Our charts offer these higher perspectives and insights needed to gain a higher sense of self a self-understanding. 

“It is written in the stars”

Our unique natal chart shows us what we cannot see in the moment. Why did our relationship not work out? Why do we feel so unfulfilled in our careers? Why do we have dreams that differ from those we love? What inspires our deepest desires? Why do we have longings that aren’t on par with “social norms”? Why is our relationship difficult with our mother? Why are we here? What is MY purpose, for crying-out-loud!? 

Turn to your chart, find the higher perspective, and discover your purpose. 

Your why. 

The reason you’re here. 

To make sense of it all.

Work with your current challenges and desires to design the life of your dreams.

And most of all, discover your intuition has been guiding you all along.

Those little “inklings” that you feel deep in your belly, telling you what to do next or what to avoid, they’re always there protecting you. Always have been, always will be. They are part of your unique path. They are your guide. The inklings are yours and yours only. They are YOU. You can trust yourself, for yourself already knows the way. It always has. If your here, it’s time to simply rediscover who you are.

My signature 4-week Mystic Experience program is for conscious woman ready to dive deeper into who they are, to own their desires, and go forth confidently in their unique soul purpose. Based off your natal chart, you’ll be guided toward the deepest discovery and expression of who you are.

Discover your purpose.

Transform your life


My Journey

Have you ever had the feeling you were meant for more?

That something in your life just feels…off? As if you are not living up to your fullest potential?

I get it…

You feel stuck in life.

You’re tired of playing small.

You’re tired of taking care of everyone else first, rarely leaving you with any time for yourself.


You’re longing to return to that place within you that is

wild, sacred, and free.

A place where deep trust and true knowing reside,

and you’re in tune with your instincts and walk forth with unwavering strength.


I’m talking to the part of you that longs for more.

That part of you who, deep down, knows what she wants,

and is no longer willing to stand idly by, not doing anything about it.

Your heart and your intuition are wrestling for your attention,

for the part of you who knows that anything is possible, and knows how to get it.

Your soul knows the quickest way home, but sometimes life happens and we lose touch with our soul.

You’ve found yourself here, reading these words, because deep down, you know you’re ready to break free and live the life you have always dreamt of.


For so long, I played small, lived in the shadows of others, sat on the sidelines, watching everyone around me go after their dreams, step into their greatness, and just take, unapologetically, what was theirs.

And why shouldn’t have they? They deserved it and I could see that.

I could see so clearly how amazing everyone was around me, but I couldn’t see my own amazingness. I couldn’t see my gifts or what I had to offer.

So, I became a people-pleaser. Someone who always said yes when I really wanted to say no. I waited constantly for others’ approval of me, seeking recognition outside of myself. I was sitting around waiting for someone else to see my value, my worth. Waiting for some special reaction, for someone else to jump up and down in excitement over what they discovered and give me the power to do something with it.

And you know when that happened?


That is…until I decided that I was enough. I realized everything within me was gold, and I just hit the jackpot! I recognized the amazingness that lied within and decided that what I had to share was valuable.


I went after my dreams

and created my own reality.


You see, no one is coming to save you. And no one can do the internal work that only you can do anyways.

Besides, everyone else is too busy walking their own paths and working on themselves.

And thank God! Right? You get to walk YOUR path, however you desire. You get the opportunity to create the life of your wildest dreams.


You don’t have to drive an hour each way to a job that doesn’t leave you fulfilled because you’re supposed to save for retirement.

You don’t have to stay in that relationship just because you’ve been together for so long that that next step is you’re supposed to get married.

You don’t have to play by anyone else’s rules that aren’t your own.

You are not here, on this planet, to suffer, to live a life you hate, just because, somewhere along the way, you were told that’s how “life works” and forgot what believing in yourself feels like.


I’m passionate about inspiring others to be bold, brave, and to listen to the whispers of their soul

because I know, too well, the agony of not doing so.

As a transformational life coach, I help people who are not satisfied with where they are currently in their life to let go of limiting beliefs that hold them back so that they can step into their light and become empowered to go after their dreams.


Stepping into my own light wasn’t easy for me. I was comfortable in the shadows while others were the star of the show. I was comfortable with diming my own light because it was easier to accommodate the smallness of others’ around me. I was comfortable lifting others up if I stayed close to the ground.

I had to walk a very rocky path to get where I am. And for a long time, I did it alone. That is until I found myself on my own mentor’s webpage, nodding in harmony with full body yes-es, before scratching my head and wondering how I actually ended up there.

There is a divine path we are all being guided down.

There are no coincidences in life.

You found yourself here for a reason.

“Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein 

Find your purpose.

Find your passion.

Step into your light and live a more meaningful life.

What you long to be, you already are.

From someone who knows this path well, allow me to guide you along your path as you remember your way home.